Installing rlxos from any other already installed Linux distribution

Installing rlxos from any other already installed Linux distribution

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install rlxos from any other Linux which is already installed into your system.


  • PC with Linux installed (no any WSL shit)
  • Latest rlxos ISO Here
  • An Empty Partition of size at least 5GiB

Preparing Partition

We need to have 2 directories in the empty partition where we paste our root filesystem image and kernel file.

Screenshot from 2021-06-29 19-27-36.png


  • Extract the ISO

Screenshot from 2021-06-29 19-20-23.png

We only require 3 files from the ISO

  • rootfs.img
  • boot/vmlinuz
  • boot/initrd

  • Copy rootfs.img into rlxos/system and rename it with version mentioned on the ISO.

Screenshot from 2021-06-29 19-30-32.png

  • Now copy vmlinuz, initrd to boot (boot directory of our empty partition)

Screenshot from 2021-06-29 19-32-09.png

  • Installation is completed from the rlxos side, now we need to do some hacks so that os-prober of your installed Linux system will able to detect the rlxos partition.
    • Create a directory lib in empty partition.
    • Create a empty file in that directory

and your final directory hierarchy should look like this

Screenshot from 2021-06-29 19-38-39.png

rlxos will not use this ld-linux library but the one which is present inside the system image, so don't worry.

  • Now update the grub configurations
    sudo update-grub

and make sure either rlxos or (some unknown Linux distro) get detected by os-prober

And a last Complication Step Now one Important thing, you need to add a flag system= (where is release version of rlxos) inside the menuentry of rlxos in /boot/grub/grub.cfg of your installed system

or add the flag from the grub menu during the boot, for that follow the below steps

  • Reboot the system and press E on rlxos entry.

Screenshot from 2021-06-29 19-43-11.png

  • And add the flags to make it look like this.

Last Second line,

linux /boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sd?? system=2106

Screenshot from 2021-06-29 19-43-26.png

  • Press 'ctrl-x' or F10 to start rlxos.


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