How to get testing build of rlxbot ?

How to get testing build of rlxbot ?


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rlxbot (not yet named that's why rlxbot, you can suggest a good name) is a semi artificially intelligent virtual assistant that manage you rlxos system and help you in your tasks, play games with you and automate things But rlxbot is not yet ready for these things however you can try the daily testing build of rlxbot, so get started


  • Adding rlxbot daily build repository in /etc/appctl.conf
sudo gedit /etc/appctl

and enter following line below [url.pkg] section

testing =

it will look like something this


Sync the repository

sudo appctl sync

Screenshot from 2021-06-05 19-18-18.png

Install rlxbot

sudo appctl install bot

Peek 2021-06-19 11-37.gif

Enable and start service

systemctl enable rlxbot --user
systemctl start rlxbot --user

Screenshot from 2021-06-05 19-21-52.png

Play with bot

start the bot with 'bot' command (of course)


Screenshot from 2021-06-05 19-26-09.png

Teach Bot

Of-course, what's the meaning of AI bot if its not learn new things

!learn <quest> : <ans>    # to teach new things

Screenshot from 2021-06-05 19-29-29.png

๐Ÿ˜… not much good to reply, but its fun, right ? More DATA better response

Learn From data

you can provide data directly to rlxbot as file, rlxbot select random replies to the most nearest query

how are you
- i am fine
- i am ok, and you ?
what are you doing
- eating your ram
- nothing
- something secret
!learnfrom <path/to/datafile>


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